Cardinal Meats Stuffed Burgers


Cardinal Meats Specialists do it again. Cardinal has been making burgers for over 40 years and continues to develop new and exciting products. Now, cardinal has taken all that burger knowledge and kicked it up a notch. Cardinal’s new STUFFED burgers are bursting with flavour and excitement.

Cardinal STUFFED burgers come in three delicious flavours:

  • Bacon Cheddar
  • Mac N Cheese
  • Pepperoni Pizza

Serve them the traditional way or create a new fad with a stuffed burger pie! The serving possibilites are endless and will certainly keep your customers coming back for more.


  • Easy preparation, just cook and serve
  • Stuffed with real ingredients

Some ideas utilizing these new stuffed burgers:

  • Limited time offering
  • Regular menu item
  • Stuffed burger calzone
  • Stuffed burger pie

Contact your local Riverwood sales rep for more information!