CoCos~Pure – Power Your Passion

“CoCos~Pure is proud to bring coconut water, the healing nectar of the tropics, to the World!”

This weeks What’s Hot item features the new kid on the block, CoCos~Pure! CoCos~Pure is a local Vancouver based company that provides a healthy pure beverage that supports and powers your passion and well being. Available in three delicious flavours: Regular, Mango and Pineapple these beverages are great on there own or add them to your morning smoothie, afternoon cocktail and evening desserts.

What Coconut Water is…
Coconut water contains properties that have been shown to help rehydrate the body and carry nutrients and oxygen to cells. It is a perfect way to naturally replenish your body’s fluids after exercising.

What Makes CoCos~Pure PREMIUM
Purity: CoCos~Pure is ALL coconut water. No water or other ingredients are added, and it is NOT from concentrate.
Flavour: CoCos~Pure comes from a young coconut grown in Thailand. These coconuts are generally smaller and much more flavourful.
Consistency: Our PREMIUM coconuts are sourced from one location, so we offer consistency along with our PREMIUM taste.

Product Info:
Case Pack – 24 x 330ml tin cans
Case Dimensions – L10.75″xW40″xH4.75″

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