Dale K. Larson

You can learn a lot about someone just by looking at their office desk.

Some of us let our OCD side shine, keeping nothing but a computer, note pad and pen on a clean surface. This is not the case when you look at Dale Larson’s desk. Somewhere under the the piles of POS, MSDS sheets, plastic or compostable packaging samples and product guides you will find objects that truly represent Dale. For example, she has a coffee cup that reads, “It’s all about me” in pink swirly text. Next to her computer you will find a frilly pink flamingo pen and red-healed shoe tape holder. Her desk will tell you that she is serious about her work, has a wealth of knowledge about plastics and chemicals, which is complimented by her caring and fun personality. As Ben Decosse puts it best, “Dale is an inspirational individual that has the ability to make you learn, understand and laugh all in the same sentence”.

If you know Dale, you know that she is a woman of experience. After a decade in the world of art and design Dale gave it all up to dedicate her time to wrapping up your food service messes!  Whether you need to contain your wild fusion sauce, display your creation without condensation, or clean up after yourself of others in your organization! After two years as Riverwood Sales Customer Service Manager, Dale was turned out to the roads to assist clients with finding the right container, take out bag, can liner, cleaning solution or maintain their establishment through local distribution channels. Dale has ten years of combined foodservice industry experience with Riverwood Sales. Let her assist you to neatly “wrap it up” & take it away!

“Dale knows everything about well, everything but what’s most impressive are her wizard like baking skills” (Ben Decosse). Watch out Buddy Valastro (star of TLC Cake Boss), you haven’t met Dale Larson! Her custom cake designs are nothing short than amazing. Her friends and family are lucky to enjoy these on special occasions, from ducks in bubble baths to oscar the grouch to formal masquerade cakes. Her work is detailed and beautifully replicated. When she’s not busy rolling out fondant, you can find her down at her trailer. Actually if you listen really carefully you could probably hear her contagious laugh. Surrounded by friends and family, Dale is a woman who knows how to have a good time (she is a Surrey girl after all). Going over and beyond for costume parties, pulling pranks on friends and neighbours and bringing all that to work; you may remember the Abba themed booth at a foodshow a few years ago. We have all faced obstacles and challenges in out lives, with work, family and health. Dale has overcome one of the biggest obstacles one can be faced with, she is breast cancer survivor. She has gone on to be a representative and public speaker for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, speaking most recently at Kate Linder (star from The Young and the Restless) 14th Annual Afternoon Tea. She has taught us all that we can not only overcome our struggles but use them to help others.

A few messages from your coworkers:

“I met Dale less than a year ago, and in that time I have learnt a decades worth of knowledge, both work and personal. A woman who has truly experienced hard struggles but knows how to have a great time. Dale, thank you for all your patience, your warm heart and giggles” – Catherine Paone

“Always going the extra mile both at work and at home. Always my “go to” person when I am having challenges with my kids. Her wealth of knowledge of bringing up her great kids is always comforting to me. She is also so helpful at work at well, always knowing the answers! Congratulations Dale!!” – Stephanie Olsen

“Dale….Dale…Dale… I can’t believe it’s been 10 years!! Congratulations, truly an achievement. Just want to thank you for all your inspiration and teaching me how to swill wine properly” – Salina Beaudoin

“Congratulations Dale! In the past few months you have been awesome at helping me out and providing me with great learning tools to learn my job! ” – Chelsea McLean-Pitre
“Passionate and a true specialist in the non-food category” – Coreen Elder

“I have seen Dale go through so much over the last few years and have always been inspired by her positive attitude and helpful ways. Congrats on your ten years with Riverwood” – Rob Owen

“It’s my pleasure to extend my heartfelt congratulations to Dale on her 10th Anniversary. May I offer my best wishes for her continued success and excellence”- Ken Boychuk

“Congrats on the 10 years with Riverwood! Riverwood thanks you for your dedication and value for the past 10 years. Looking forward to the next 10!” – Warren Smith (Quack Quack)

“Dale has been a tremendous employee of Riverwood over her 10 year period. As we have joked in the past about her first few weeks: she was a “deer in head lights” – and today she is one employee that we can trust in any situation as she has been able to learn and fully understand our industry and its complexities. She has played several roles with our company, and continues to offer her ability to create and nurture relationships with our customers and more importantly our partners. If anyone can overcome the personal obstacles she has faced plus continue to be a mom, a co-worker, and all her other commitments, I would be hugely impressed. Our company would not be the same without Dale Larson. Congrats on this achievement – you are  a valued employee!” – Darren Davis

Please join us in raising a glass, a pint or a mug to Dale Larson for her hard work, commitment and wonderful personality.