GFS BC Safari Food Show

It’s a jungle out there and we saw our fare share of wild browsers at the GFS Safari Fall Food Show in Vancouver, BC. We set up camp inside the PNE’s Pacific Coliseum, and boy was it packed! The table decorations were over the top with tiki bars, life size stuffed Lions, palm trees, and roaming sasquatchs. Over at the Riverwood Sales jungle hut we had safari guides Ben Decosse, Chef Salina Beaudoin and Skoulakis’s Ken Baird and Catherine Paone. 

At our first table we featured products from Cardinal Meats. 

Cardinal Meats has been producing quality burgers and Kettle Cooked products for over 43 years now. At the show we feature three of Cardinal’s hottest products: Beef Pot Roast au jus, Butcher Burger, and Prime Rib Burger. Au jus Oh my! The hardy Cardinal Beef Pot Roast au jus is a beef shoulder cut, combined with a special seasoning rub is Kettle Cooked in its own juices. Benefiting you with less prep time-no messy pre-cooked required, just heat n’serve! Consistently tender and excellent, award-winning flavour. Next we featured the king of all burgers, Cardinal’s Butcher Burger. Pure Beef Like texture and bite, great moisture retention delivering juicy flavour. Benefits include fast cook times-half the time of a traditional hand-formed burger, and made using revolutionary technology Natural Texture Forming. Next on the menu was Cardinal’s Prime Rib Burger. This all Canadian Prime Rib Beef burger has excellent grill performance-low flaring and shrink. Mouth-watering beef flavour from a special recipe designed to retain juicy texture and taste.

Our second table featured products from Skoulakis/Concord Premium Meats Ltd. 

For more than 20 years, the Skoulakis family has served up a broad range of exquisite traditional Greek products, available in Chicken, Beef, Lamb, and Pork.  The Skoulakis story had its modest beginnings in the family’s butcher shop in Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Quebec. It has grown over the past 12 years into the company it is today – a pioneer in the market for prepared food products, especially for souvlaki products. We were very fortunate to have Ken Baird join us for the show, sharing with us his vast knowledge and great application ideas of the Skoulakis products. We featured two products: Boneless Chicken Breast and Marc Angelo Hot & Mild Italian Sausages. The Boneless Chicken Breast is fire roasted to perfection! Control your portions, reduce labour costs, and serve consistent quality and taste. This fully cooked breast can be served cold or heated in the microwave, or they can be steamed or reheated on a grill, oven or a frying pan. Perfect in a cabata bun, centre of the plate, sliced for a salad topping or fajitas in a wrap. The Marc Angelo Mild and Italian Sausages were the hottest commodity. These products are prepared using the finest ingredients, with only whole muscle cuts of pork and no artificial ingredients, following traditional family recipes for that home made taste. 

For more information about Cardinal Meats or Skoulakis contact Riverwood Sales! 

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