New 6” RPET Square Bowls & Lids Anchor Packaging

The shiny black 6” square RPET bowls in the popular 8, 12, and 16 ounce sizes with a flat lid and dome lid to fit all three sizes have been added to the Crystal Classics® line just in time for the emerging consumer trend toward smaller portions.  The CPS608, CPS612, and CPS616 bowls have the same smooth, sleek look and angled sides as the original 7” and 8” RPET square bowls to maximize the value perception of packages that look full.  Both bases and lids are made with 10% post-consumer RPET to preserve natural resources and the lids include Anchor’s new cold temperature anti-fog technology to ensure visibility of the food contents at all times.      

Crystal Classics® CPS600 Series square bowls and lids are surprisingly affordable considering they are loaded with performance features that include: 

  • Trendy square shape with a pliable material designed to be strong and durable with no cracking
  • Upscale, table ready presentation sets them apart from alternatives in foam or paper plates and window boxes
  • Shallow plate-like profile and 6” trim offer presentations that look like more food than  deeper 5” x 5” PETE alternatives
  • Controls food costs with a flat lid option to help staff to fill the correct portion
  • Drives impulse sales when food is mounded and dome is used to see the contents when stacked on display
  • Clear, anti-fog lids keep cold foods visible at all times to avoid order errors and to increase sales from refrigerated displays
  • Leak resistant, secure closure prevents messy spills and maintains food presentation during handling and transport
  • One lid to fit three bowls avoids confusion in the prep area while reducing inventory costs with less products to order and store
  • Reduce-Reuse-Recycle; made with post-consumer recycled material, can be re-closed for leftovers, and remains eligible for recycling
  • Perfect choice for salads and cold side dishes to respond to consumer demands for smaller portions and healthy, low calorie options 

From refrigerator or freezer to table – performance and versatility at the right price!  The 6” square bowls and lids are economical options for the operator who wants to reduce food costs and increase margins by refreshing recipes. There are no other square PETE or RPET bowls in the market that have anti-fog PETE and RPET lids to keep cold foods visible.  Flat lids can provide food contact clarity, but competitive domes will fog. 

Anchor Packaging’s products also include upscale takeout packaging used for merchandising prepared ready-to-heat meals in supermarkets and takeout meals in restaurants and other foodservice operations. The Roaster™ Series, Incredi-Bowls®, Culinary Classics®, Culinary Basics®, Mega-Meal™, MicroRaves®, MicroRounds™, Gourmet Classics™, Microlite®, BonFaire®, Crystal Clear™, Crystal Classics® Rounds, and AnchorFoil™ are among Anchor’s unique product lines that also include foil and film. Custom package design and manufacture is provided for many large food companies in the United States, Canada, South America, Europe and Australia.

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