NEW! Snap ‘N Go Oval MW Platter Anti-Fog Dome Combo

Anchor packaging is excited to bring you their new “Snap ‘N Go” platter combo. Perfect for take out, the shallow platter has a smooth, plate-like surface that provides table-ready presentation. The smooth dome maximizes visibility with anti-fog and assures order accuracy. The flat top allows containers to be stacked securely without covering the steam vents.

Designed with a busy kitchen in mind, each dome lid has arrows to help staff quickly line up platters for quick and easy closure with one hand to keep your operation running smoothly. The audible snap of the lid lets you know it’s closed and securely in place to prevent messy spills during handling and transport.

The “Snap ‘N Go” container is made with natural mineral additives, reducing use of petroleum based polypropylene resin by 40% and is eligible for recycling. Base and dome lid are dishwasher safe, heat tolerant*, and microwaveable providing your customer with convenient reusability.

Since the “Snap ‘N Go” container is perfect for hot or cold food, you can reduce SKUs and inventory costs, saving you money!

Benefits of the new “Snap ‘N Go” container

  • Smooth, sleek design
  • Single push “snaps” closed
  • Heat tolerant and microwavable
  • Leak resistant
  • Recyclable

Contact your local Riverwood Sales Rep for more information!

*Withstands up to 230°F when used for hot foods under heat lamps or in warming units.