Piller’s Fine Foods

About Piller’s Fine Foods

Piller’s Fine Foods is one of Canada’s leading manufacturers of specialty European deli meats with more than 600 employees. Its corporate headquarters, production plant and distribution centre are located in Waterloo, Ontario, with operations in Brantford, Toronto and Arthur, ON.

Piller’s was founded in 1957 in Waterloo by Wilhelm Huber using family recipes, quality ingredients, and traditional European sausage-making methods. From those humble beginnings, Piller’s has become one of North America’s largest producers of European sausages and deli meats, famous for award-winning products such as Black Forest ham and air-dried salamis. To this day, after five generations of sausage makers, Piller’s still uses the same natural aging, curing, and smoking process that had customers lining up outside Wilhelm Huber’s butcher shop more than 50 years ago.

Product Feature: Piller’s Slice-Rite®

The latest in Foodservice from Piller’s is their Slice-Rite® deli meats. Each package contains eight, 56g interleaved portions for operator ease of preparation and consistent food cost. Not only is the Slice-Rite® deli shaved meats conveniently packaged, but they also have many health benefits too. One of the benefits being the sodium levels meets Health Canada’s 2016 Sodium Guidelines. Another benefit to Slice-Rite® products are that they are gluten free, lactose and MSG free. Slice-Rite® is high pressure pasteurized for fresh and true deli taste, with a 90 day Shelf Life in unopened package. Slice-Rite® is available in five deli meats: Slice-Rite® Pastrami, Slice-Rite® Black Forest Style Ham, Slice-Rite® Cooked Roast Beef, Slice-Rite® Smoked Chicken Breast, Slice-Rite® Cooked Turkey Breast, and Slice-Rite® Cooked Ham.

With Piller’s abundant list of foodservice products there are many opportunities for menu development! Get inspired and creative with Chef Salina Beaudoin, she is sure to add zest to any menu. For more information about Piller’s and their amazing products, please contact your local Riverwood Sales Representative! And be sure to visit the Piller’s Foodservice Website for a detailed product list.

Piller’s, Great taste anytime!