Roland Foods Delicious Frozen Desserts
 Lunch & Learn

Roland Foods is your one stop shop

they really do have it all! From the finest vinegars and olive oils, to Indian infusion sautés and spices, to quinoa and pastas, and cocktail mixes and desserts. Roland has traveled the globe in search of the highest quality and traditional ingredients. This was by far the best Lunch & Learn; you just cannot compete with dessert for lunch. This post will go into detail the about delicious frozen desserts that we sampled, and I guarantee you that you will want to yourself!

Cream Puffs/Éclairs (France)
The Roland Cream Puff and Éclair are made with authentic and traditional ingredients, so authentic they are made in France. Both have a cream filling, a combination of custard and whipped cream. Roland Foods stresses the importance of fill rate. If a dessert is not filled right the pastry becomes soggy; condensation accumulates fast, and will fall apart when you pick it up. Roland Cream Puffs and Éclairs have the highest filled rate, thus they stay in shape without becoming soggy for a long period of time. The chocolate coated cream puffs and éclairs are 80% covered, which aids in holding the pastry together for longer. These factors are crucial for when serving sample pastries like these at buffet and catering functions.

Danishes (France)
Roland Danishes are actually made in Denmark, in a facility that prides itself on cleanliness, so much so that they will not even allow bleach white boxes into the plant. These Danishes are made the traditional way with margarine and not butter, making them vegan friendly and giving them that flakey golden brown appeal. The dough is pre-proofed, 24 layers of flaky goodness with margarine between each layer. Available in crown varieties with natural fruit centers and a braided variety with pecans or custard. We also offer convenient assortments of sweet mini sizes (50110). Roland Danish Pastries arrive to you expertly crafted, and go from freezer to oven. Simply place the frozen Danish on a baking sheet and bake till the top is golden brown, then drizzle on the provided white icing or syrup for a custom finish. Each box comes with a variety of flavours: Maple Pecan, Raspberry Crown, Apple Crown, Apricot Crown, and Muscovado. Each flavor is pillow packed with the box to avoid mixing of flavors and minimize damage.

Crepes (France)
There are two kinds of crepes in this world, Belgian and French. The Belgians created the traditional crepe which are thicker, and are used in a variety of lunch and dinner items. The French created the thin crepes, sweet crepes for desserts and savoury crepes for breakfast (50330). Roland offers a variety of Belgian filled with real fruit: Apple-Raisin (50250), Blueberry (50290), Chocolate (50230), Dulce de Leche (50240), and Raspberry (50270), and also have a plain (50210) sweet Belgian crepe. These crepes are 11.4” in diameter and require minimal preparation before serving, perfect for large or small special events that need to order in such as conference breakfasts, and sporting tournaments.

Cocktail Blinis (France) (50310)
If you have no idea what a cocktail blinis is, think of them as a “vessel for hors d’oeuvres and appetizers”. These mini pancakes are 1.6” in diameter and 4.5 grams each, consistent in size, shape and taste. For caterers this little one will be your biggest time saver, do not let this mini pancake go under the radar, this guy is the foundation for your next catering event.
Assorted Mini Pastries, Single Serve (Italy) (50496)
I like to think of the assorted mini pastries as “the caterers’ tray”-everything you will serve for dessert conveniently packed into one box. These mini creations of deliciousness are made and packed in Italy, using Italy’s premium milk and fruit ingredients. A delicious selection of seven different varieties of pastry: Rullè Limone, Crestina Frutta (Fruit Basket), Rullè Tiramisù, Cannoncino Crema, Banana Chocolate Cake, Cream Puff, Cestina Mouse Fragola.

Tortas & Crostatas

“Serving exquisite Italian Cakes from Roland is like stepping behind the counter of the finest pastry shop in Italy. Yet no travel is required to relish these impressive desserts”

Like all Roland products, Tortas and Crostatas are made from the traditional recipes of master Italian pastry chefs. When we walked into the kitchen board(change to kitchen? If not needs to be boardroom to sample the variety of desserts, the first thing that caught everyone’s attention was the Tortas and Crostatas, which truly stand out with artful details, expert technique and hand-made authenticity. Just as they are beautiful and delicious, they are also convenient as they come pre-sliced, allowing you to serve master art pieces as are. You can choose from the sensational Apple Cream Crostata, Black Forest Cake (office favorite), Chocolate Cream Pear Crostata, Chocolate Profiteroles Tray, Meringue Cake, Mixed Berry & Chantilly Cream Cake, Mixed Fruit Crostata, and the Torta Della Nonna Custard Cake.

This is just a glimpse at all the Roland Frozen dessert products; we weren’t able to sample them all because well they are for you! Check out their website at for full frozen dessert products. Or contact your local Riverwood Sales Rep for more information.